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The Wise Coach Solution includes a central data-management application – the Application server - which helps creating, connecting, analyzing, managing and storing all the necessary data in an easy and familiar-looking way.

In short, it assists with the following tasks:

  • Creating and managing measured subjects (people on whom the measurements are performed;
  • Generating, viewing and importing measurement plans and measurement results;
  • Viewing and analyzing measurement results;
  • Generating reports;
  • Managing general data.
System topology

The overall process of acquiring and transferring a measurement is quite simple. The standard measuring procedure is displayed in the picture below:

Standard measurement procedure

For flexibility reasons, there is also a possibility of turning the default procedure upside down which is displayed in the following picture:

Standard measurement procedure

Both standard procedures can be combined as required; therefore the overall process is as simple and as flexible as possible. To start exploring what the Application server, the central application of Wise Coach, has to offer, explore the menu on the left.

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