Measurement modules


It is a complex system of mechanical sensors built in a "Concept2" rowing-ergometer. It can, however, be adapted for the use on other types and models of machines in order to carry out a complete analysis of rowing dynamics.

The system consists of:

In addition to all the above listed sensor signals also internally registered ergometer data can be transferred, acquired and analysed by the 4ROW software.

4Row measurement

4Row software is comprised of four modules. First module is the main window, through which the operator controls a live measurement. It contains of the Start Measuring button for starting the measurement. During the measurement, live data can be observed on a graph under the Live Signals tab. The table beneath the graph displays the calculated parameters for the last completed stroke. Same data can be observed under the tab Last Stroke Data. The tab PM Data displays the data collected from the PM3 module on the rowing machine, associated to the last completed stroke. To conclude the measurement, Stop Measuring button has to be pressed. The acquired data can be saved by pressing the Save Data button. For loading data, the Load Data button needs to be pressed.

Besides the fore mentioned controls, three other buttons, Edit Info, Analyse Data and Settings, are available, allowing the user to access the other three software modules. Button Edit Info starts the module where measurement description can be edited, such as the rower personal data and description of conditions under which the measurement was taken. Pressing the Analyse Data button, a module is started where post-measurement analysis can be performed, such as observing the measurement parameters and signals inside the user specified measurement intervals. The measurement data can as well be exported as a text file. For sensor calibration, settings module can be started from the main window, by pressing the Settings button.

4Row measurement
4Row measurement
Results of analysis
Results of analysis
See 4Row video
See video
Measured Data
Signals Description
Force Oar Oar pull force
ForceLegL Left leg push force
ForceLegR Right leg push force
Oar Enc Oar position
Seat Enc Seat position
Calculated Parameters Description
Tempo Strokes per minute
Rhythm Ratio between time of pull and release phase of stroke
OarPullTime Time of pull phase of the stroke
OarPullPath Distance covered by oar during pull phase of stroke
SeatPullPath Distance covered by seat during pull phase of stroke
OarSeatPathR_p Ratio between distance covered by oar and seat during pull phase of stroke
AvgOarF_p Averaged oar force during pull phase of stroke
AvgLLegF_p Averaged left leg force during pull phase of stroke
AvgRLegF_p Averaged right leg force during pull phase of stroke
AvgLRLegF_p Averaged left and right leg force during pull phase of stroke
PM Data Description
WorkoutDuration Work time duration of workout
Horizontal Distance Work distance of workout
Pace Time elapsed per unit distance for a given stroke
Power Power generated based on the pace per stroke
Calories Accumulated calories burned
Cadence Strokes per minute per stroke
CurrHeartRate Current heart beats per minute

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