Measurement modules

Step analysis

The information about the person, jump parameters and repetition sequence number is positioned at the top of the window. The Measurement tab displays the acquired signals as well as the selected cursors, and allows fine cursor positioning. The graph can be zoomed, and viewed along auto-scaled or fixed Y axis. Visible plots are collected in the Plot list. By pressing the Offset button prior to the measurement, the input signal is set to zero. With the Trigger option unchecked, the signal acquisition starts immediately, while it is delayed until the force exceeds a pre-defined value if the Trigger option is selected. The acquisition terminates automatically or by pressing the Stop button. Live signals switches between live signal acquisition and the last acquired signal. Change orientation switches the Fx and Fy axes. The COG tab displays the Center of gravity graph.

The results of the analysis are displayed on the Results tab – in the Current column, which is updated when the Analysis button is pushed. Other columns contain the results of previously saved measurements. The Confirm button saves the parameters of the current jump. The 3D vector graph, COG velocity graph and COG acceleration graph are available on the other tabs.

Repetitive counter movement jump measurement
Step analysis measurement.
Step analysis measurement
Results of analysis
Results of analysis
Step analysis COG
Step analysis COG
Step analysis 3D
Step analysis 3D
See Step analysis video
See video
Fmaxx Maximal force in x direction
Fmaxy Maximal force in y direction
Fmaxz Maximal force in z direction

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